About Liz

Hello! My name’s Liz. I live with my husband, Zach, two chubby cats, and a disgruntled pughuahua.

I decided to start blogging after Zach and I lost our newborn son, Owen, to a form of skeletal dysplasia (also sometimes known as dwarfism). We weren’t sure until he was born if he was affected with a lethal condition, so we also prepared to have a medically complex baby if he was able to come home. During my pregnancy, I read a TON of medical journals, as Owen’s condition was super rare. I also read a lot of blogs about baby loss, poor prenatal diagnosis, and dwarfism. These were a lifeline and comfort through a very difficult time. I hope chronicling Owen’s life and death, and our recovery will offer peace and healing to other mothers going through this experience.

I found very few blogs detailing Owen’s specific form of skeletal dysplasia, short rib polydactyly syndrome. If you’re here because your baby has been given a similar diagnosis, it may be helpful to read the CaringBridge I kept when I was pregnant, as it shares many of Owen’s measurements and details of my pregnancy with him. I’m also a nurse, and I spent the first year or so of my nursing career in the NICU, so I drew quite a bit on that experience as I crafted our birth plan and details of interventions we wanted for Owen.

3 thoughts on “About Liz

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  2. Hi Liz, though I am so sad that you have lost your son Owen, I am so comforted to have found your blog. So few and far between are we who carry babies with possibly fatal diagnoses, who carry to term, have this with their first child and are in the health profession! I just read through your posts and they are heartbreaking. As different as our children would have been, our stories about them share a lot of similarities and we are on a similar timeline as well. I am grateful that you are writing.

  3. Hi Meghan! I’m so glad you’re here. I followed your blog while I was pregnant, and it gave me so much comfort (both before and after Mabel was born). I was so heartbroken for you when you lost your beautiful baby girl. I am so, so sorry. I revisited your posts from right after you lost Mabel soon after Owen died, and it was so wonderful to know that I was not alone, that not only were other mothers grieving their babies, but they were doing it at the same time I was. I wish no one had to share this grief, but I sure am happy not to be alone.

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