Talking About Owen, part 2

(Background: I started losing ridiculous amounts of hair unevenly around my head at the beginning of August. I wasn’t happy with the woman who cut my hair previously, so I tried someone new. Postpartum hair loss is a thing, I swear.)


Her: So…were you going for an asymmetrical look?

Me: Ah, no. It’s just, I had a baby, and now all my hair is falling out. But it isn’t falling out evenly, so the entire bottom layer on that side fell out, which means it’s like an inch shorter than the the other side. Also there’s a weird spot on the top. I know it looks ridiculous. I didn’t try to make it look that way, I really didn’t.

Her: No, no, it looks fine! I just wanted to know if that’s what you were going for so I’d know how to cut it.

**general hair chatter**

Her: So, how old is your baby?

Me: Um, actually, he passed away soon after he was born.

Her: *shoulder squeeze* I’m so sorry. What was his name?

Me: Owen. His name was Owen.

7 thoughts on “Talking About Owen, part 2

  1. Postpartum hair loss IS a thing, and when it’s compounded by the stress and grief of losing a baby, it’s even worse. My doctor recommended iron supplements, and they did help temper it a bit, as did switching to a super gentle shampoo (Dr. Bronner’s). Still took several months, though. Adds insult to injury, amirite?

    • I don’t know who cuts your hair, but I love her. She asked what his name is. That made me happy and sad all at the same time.
      I love you Boo.

    • Ah, iron supplements. I’ll give those a try. I stopped taking my prenatals about mid-July, which had iron, so perhaps that’s why the hair loss got so crazy soon after. You’re right though, between the grief and the general postpartum stuff, our hair doesn’t stand a chance. It’s also just been generally difficult to find vegan hair products (love Doc Bronner’s), so that’s compounded the problem.

  2. I got stressed out reading your interaction with the hairstylist and then so relieved when i got to the end. It brought me back to my own first haircut after Paul died and how stressed i was about small talk… I am glad your appointment turned out ok, and i hope she was able to make you feel happy about your hair.

  3. I was thinking of you, Zach and Owen all day yesterday (and days before that) because August 24, 2013 was the very special day that you first told us that Owen was coming. I wanted to call last night, but I felt like I could not speak. The emotions are incredible. You are so brave to be out there speaking, Liz. I’m looking very forward to being with you and Zach this weekend. Thanks again for sharing your heart.

  4. I had an experience with my stylist too (it was less heart warming.) But i”m so glad you got the chance to share a bit with her. I”m glad she asked. I”m glad you mentioned him.

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